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By 2007  we had been playing the same tabletop rpg game for a while. It's not that we didn't cherish the old classics, but we had gotten tired of them in a sense. We felt like playing something of our making. Homebrewed systems have been the heart and soul of many of us and in that tradition, we devised a system that allowed us to exercise the full extent of our creative minds while making it possible for a whole universe to be created. 

We, like so many players,  started recording the sessions we had played, whether on old notepads or mp3 recordings, we kept track of our adventures, and after some years we had gathered a  whole sports bag worth of notebooks and a few gigabytes of recordings. It wasn't until  2017  that we started uploading all that content to a Wiki we had set up due to the persistence coming from one of us whose sense of organization is so precious for an endeavor of this magnitude.